French is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, and with the emergence of global business, tourism and diplomacy, it’s becoming even more important to have proficiency in this language. At UND, you can earn a degree in French that prepares you for the wide variety of jobs available to you in these areas and beyond.

The Bachelor of Arts in French is a 123-credit program that immerses students in the rich linguistic and cultural traditions of France and Francophone regions, developing the specialized skills needed to communicate effectively across local, regional, national and global perspectives. Small class sizes and engaging linguistic experiences enable students to become confident in their ability to speak and understand French with native speakers.

During the course of this degree, students explore French literature, culture and society through courses in different periods and schools of criticism as well as composition, stylistics and translation. The goal is to develop a critical appreciation of texts in both literary and cultural contexts that emphasize the complex interplay between theĀ get help written word, images and music.

You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of the historical and contemporary social, cultural, political and economic contexts in which French-language literature is produced. This will enable you to approach any text critically and develop an informed appreciation of the complexities and differences between cultures around the globe.

Graduates from the Master of Arts in French are prepared for a variety of positions in the fields of translation, language instruction, teaching, international relations and hospitality. They can be found in companies that offer translation services, such as hotels and restaurants, or in businesses that specialize in teaching English to speakers of French, like schools.

Many graduates of this program pursue careers in the travel industry, such as working for an airline, hotel, tour company or a travel website. They can also take on jobs in the education sector, as a teacher or as an assistant director of a school.

With a doctoral degree in French, you can be qualified for tenure-track positions at universities. You will need to teach French language and literature at a university, conduct research and write a dissertation in order to qualify for these types of positions.

A PhD in French is a terminal degree that requires the highest mastery of knowledge about French literature and culture. This prestigious program will allow you to work with a thesis advisor to research, write and defend your dissertation over a period of 2-7 years.

Professionals who earn a PhD in French often focus on the historical or contemporary aspects of the language and literature they study. This allows them to develop an understanding of the complex interplay between the written word, culture and history that is necessary to produce a well-formed argument in any genre or context.

There are several opportunities to pursue a PhD in French, either online or on campus. A typical program consists of a two-year residency, during which you will receive a full-time faculty mentor and a comprehensive education in the language and literature that you study. During this time, you will also work closely with your thesis advisor to write and defend your dissertation.

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