There are a number of ways to get cash for your car in Ottawa. You can sell it to a dealer, an online service or a private buyer. Alternatively, you can scrap it and recycle the metal.


If you’re short on time and want to make a quick sale, selling your car to a dealership is the way to go. Many dealers will offer an instant offer and deal with all the paperwork. It’s also a good option if you owe money on your vehicle and need to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Dealers often have a reputation for lowballing and scamming people, so it’s important to do your research before choosing one. You can find out if they’ve been in business for a while and if they have positive reviews on their website.


Carity is an online automotive marketplace that lets you post a free ad to sell your vehicle privately or sell it to a dealer. You can also opt for the “Instant Cash Offer” service, which will send a dealer to pick up your car and give you a cheque.

They only accept cars that are 2013 or newer, have less than 160,000km and are in good condition. You can choose to have your car picked up at a dealer or dropped off at the company’s reconditioning centre in Ottawa.

Turnaround times: They’ll collect your car and send it to a local dealer within 24 hours. Funding methods: Payments are made via EFT and can show up in one to three business days after the transaction is complete.

What sellers have to say about Carity: Sellers have given the serviceĀ find more info high marks for the amount of money they were offered and for the quick inspection process. However, they’ve reported that some dealers have been unresponsive and that the price they received wasn’t honoured.

Canada Drives

Canada Drives is an online car dealership that allows you to sell your vehicle directly through its website and get cash for your car in Ottawa. Its website provides an online application, a list of available vehicles and a quote. The website also has a contact form that you can use to ask questions or provide feedback. You can also arrange for your car to be collected from your home or a nearby Canada Drives service location.

Their website also includes an FAQ section that explains the sales process and offers helpful tips on how to sell your car. They’ll also give you a gift certificate to the business of your choice when you sell your car through them.


MyCar is a car dealer in Ottawa that lets you sell your car to them in return for a fast cash offer and a bonus gift certificate. You can get up to $250 for your car in this way, and they’ll give you a CARFAX report to back up their offer.

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