Whether you’re decorating from scratch or simply sprucing up a room or two, these home decor ideas will help your rooms shine. Get inspired to mix and match patterns, embrace bold colors and more. Plus, discover creative ways to use objects that you already own—like turning a pretty set of champagne buckets into flatware storage or a framed flower print into a piece of art.

Achieve a more polished look by paying special attention to small details, suggests designer Justina Blakenly, founder of Jungalow. “Changing out a flush mount light with a modern style or swapping plastic wall plates for metal can make your whole house feel more intentional,” she says. “And the best part is that these changes can often be done on a budget.”

When it comes to home decor ideas for living rooms Blackout window treatments in Calgary, kitchens and other common areas, think about how the space is used and what mood you want it to evoke. For example, a cozy reading nook may call for a soft sofa with lots of pillows, while a contemporary kitchen might benefit from a few streamlined cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

If your home is infused with natural light, consider letting it be the star of your room by avoiding oversize window treatments and opting for lighter shades. That’s a simple way to create a sense of openness and space that can’t be beat.

Layering rugs is one of the most popular home decor ideas for living spaces, but don’t stop there. You can also add rug layers to kitchens, bedrooms and other spaces for a softer, cozier feel. And if your budget is tight, a simple rug made of recycled materials can still work its magic.

Home decor ideas for the wall can be as simple as a gallery wall or a set of narrow picture ledges displaying your favorite artwork, photos or family mementos. Similarly, you can turn a wall into a focal point with a stunning wallpaper or paint an accent wall in a bold hue. And don’t be afraid to get a little more adventurous—you can hang a vintage cake stand in the dining room, display a collection of ceramic pitchers in the bathroom or hang a series of oversize color photographs in the entryway.

Getting creative with storage is one of the best home decor ideas for small homes because it allows you to maximize every inch. Don’t let a quirky architectural quirk linger in the background: Turn that awkward alcove into a cozy seating spot by adding a comfy chair and a throw or a window seat with a cushion and bookshelves, as Nashville designer Joanna Teplin did here. Or, pack in extra storage with a stair step basket, as this Chicago designer did. These clever catch-alls are perfect for storing household odds and ends, and they’re also a chic alternative to bulky hall tree shelves.

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